5 Benefits Of Hitting The Gym Early In The Morning

5 Benefits Of Hitting The Gym Early In The Morning

April 23, 2019 0 By Sarah Jones

There is often a debate as to what is the best time to train during the day for maximum results? In terms of scientific literature, there is emerging mixed data in this field. Keeping the data aside, evidence-based coaches often come to the common ground that the best time to train would be when you could be consistent with your plan. I personally vouch for that for a majority of my clients, in this piece I would go ahead and say that training first thing in the morning could be beneficial for many individuals, especially those who find it difficult to be consistent with their routine.

Here’s why:

1. You Will Be Immensely Motivated

Only the motivated and the dedicated lot frequent the gym in the early hours of the morning. There is a thing about these certain kinds of individuals, who get to the gym no matter what, that will push you to do your best.

The presence of the 6 AM squad around you when exercising will in itself help you push through your workout and keep you motivated.

2. Workout Is Off The Checklist

We all maintain a checklist—be it mentally or physically that we have to complete certain tasks during the day. Your workout is usually one of these tasks in the list.  By hitting the weight room first thing in the morning, you take out the task which will later feel daunting depending on your mood and energy levels and will feel like a hard task to accomplish.

Get it done first thing and you take out the possibility of this happening.

3. No Excuses

The logistical excuses that come in the way later in the day like you got stuck in traffic, or it has become too late, or that the gym will be crowded as it is a peak hour, etc. will be out of the picture.  You may argue that mornings are peak hours too but hey, like I told in the first pointer, they are the people who mean business.  They are not in the gym to chit-chat or socialize. Their goal is to come in, get work done, and get out and get to work.

4. Better Energy Levels

When you wake up, especially after a good sleep, your energy levels are higher as you are well rested.  These high energy levels will help you push through your workout and who knows but you may even end up accomplishing new PRs and even end up doing an extra set or two.

5. It Will Leave You Time For Other Things

Have a team dinner to go to? Or someone’s birthday party? Or a close friend’s engagement? Or a movie? Or a dinner date?